The 2 most popular reasons to get a server of your own are if a shared Internet hosting account cannot handle the load of the websites hosted within it or if the web sites require specific software to be running on the machine, but it cannot be installed on a shared machine. In these scenarios you can get your own server, but this also means you shall be in control of its maintenance, which isn't the case with a shared website hosting server where the provider performs everything. In this light, we have designed a Managed Services upgrade, which may be added to any of our web server plans if you do not have the time or the knowledge to deal with your machine. Our system admins will set up and troubleshoot software, update your OS and more as to give you the chance to concentrate on creating your Internet sites instead of managing various maintenance tasks.

Managed Services Package in Dedicated Web Hosting

The upgrade is available with all of the Linux dedicated web hosting which we offer and if you would like to benefit from all services it offers, you may add it with a click on the web server order page or every time you need it from your billing CP. You may also determine if you'll use this upgrade all the time as it can be renewed individually from the dedicated server plan. In case you have vital data on the hosting server, we will back it up regularly as fifty GB of disk space on a separate machine will be at your disposal. Our admins will also keep track of the hosting server at all times, install the most recent updates for its OS and restart it whenever this is needed. Because the Managed Services pack provides installation and troubleshooting as well, they could also help you with any third-party software and handle the installation for you. This will permit you to use our server even if you aren't really tech-savvy and you have not used a hosting server of your own before.